Vivienne westwood Saturn Necklace

I love to die! Since I saw NANA, I was touched by her handsome and brave! Also bought Vivienne westwood. Become their believers! This time I started a Saturn necklace of the same NANA. Because of the lack of budget, I entered a minimum number. The diameter is almost the size of a dollar coin. I waited for a month to arrive. It’s really beautiful! Vivienne is the mother of punk! There is also a Vivienne necklace that is still waiting to be photographed on the road! The next goal is to buy the same ring of nana.

Discounted Vivienne Westwood

This year’s discounted Vivienne Westwood West Queen Mother Saturn earrings, bracelets, necklaces, the most expensive collection is no more than 35 dollars

I have always liked Vivienne Westwood, a small planet that is very magical. The more I look at it, the more I like it.

However, based on the fact that domestic pricing has a positive price, it is really difficult to start.

This year in the discount and Outlet, because the price is really worthy of fried chicken, it has continued into a lot of

Basically, in addition to the classic Saturn stud earrings, other earrings, jewelry and necklaces were bought at Bicester. Among them, the full-drilled big Saturn has the highest price, but it can be bought for ¥450.

Bicester’s Vivienne Westwood is a special conscience, a lot of good-looking models, and the price is not high.

If you have to go to Bicester, go for a lap and go!

Vivienne Westwood Bicester Village English Saturn Stud Earrings Saturn Bracelet Saturn Necklace Classic Saturn Bracelet Necklace Stud Earrings

Favorite vivienne westwood jewelry British designer brand

This asymmetric pearl earring is the top 3 favorite in the past two years.

VW’s clothes, bags, and jewelry all come with light. Especially the design of the West Queen’s own, it is unique and beautiful.

Vivienne westwood hummingbird bracelet

Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westwood

I like Saturn’s things too much.

I always wanted the stud earrings of the hummingbird. Then, the male ticket sent the bracelet hahahahahaha, the original bracelet is so beautiful!

There are also discounts now, less than $20.

You can also buy silver

Vivienne Westwood gold bag

Vivienne Westwood gold bag, also known as dumplings. I have always liked the West Queen Mother. After I came to the country, I have been paying attention to this brand. The first time I saw this bag at the CRUISE buyer’s shop, I felt that I was a bit old-fashioned and didn’t buy it. After I got home, I kept thinking about it. After I went to the store’s official website, I found that it had sold out the result. Summer sale, saleviviennewestwood. Com network has this one, but also 60% off, 70 pounds to buy, happy

Although this bag looks small, it can hold a lot of things, as shown in Figure 3. The size of the bag can be put down by XS MAX, which can be placed obliquely, but if there are many things installed, it will not fit.

I am 160, the chain is very long, I am leaning back and forth probably to the top of the thigh, so I hit a few knots, so it is pretty good to look up, after all, I am short.

The West Queen’s bags are very style, retro and punk, I personally like it very much.

Vivienne westwood western queen jewelry

About 6 or 7 years ago, I entered the pit of the West Queen Mother. At the time, I saw the Saturn logo of the home in Korea’s duty-free shop for the first time. I thought it was retro and beautiful. Later, I bought a lot of ornaments from the West Queen. After returning home, Xi’an did not. Counter, online purchasing letter, but no help to abandon the pit, I did not expect that Xi’an Gaoxin Zhongda opened the counter of Vivienne Westwood, Weiweian Weisswood, has no time to go shopping, yesterday, I just rushed into the counter of the house, fell into the counter The pits of the jewelry can’t come out. Although the price is not very beautiful, but the beauty of the jewelry will do, and the girlfriend bought a pair of Saturn gold earrings, and they bought a pair of peacock blue Saturn earrings (the color is too special, love at first sight), girlfriends also bought a For Saturnian pearls with the necklace and a pair of earrings, the squad members have a 10% discount, and some clothes and bags are also 4-6 fold.

After so many years, I still love it, congratulations to myself once again into the West Queen.

Vivienne westwood mermaid bone bracelet

When I bought it at the Scoots Square Vivienne Westwood, I just wanted to find the earrings that they looked good. I didn’t expect to see this sly mermaid bone directly fall in love! ! Super nice look at this series of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, personal feeling that the bracelet is cost-effective and can be worn every day, so I still can’t help but rub it. Hahahaha, there is a black one, but it feels like gold. It’s really special and the material is not bad.

Vivienne Westwood Girl Heart Suit Set

In April of this year, in order to meet the future mentor suit + black pleated skirt, bought in Seibu Department Store Shibuya.

In Japan, the uniform kingdom, there is no such thing as a decent dress. Originally, I wanted to match a set of theory, but when I was wearing an instant age, it was not a freshman, but I still wanted to be tender and could only decisively turn to VW.

vivienne westwood clothes
vivienne westwood clothes outlet

For NANA’s blessing, the love collar suit should be the most widely known in the clothes of the West Queen’s house. In fact, his red label line suit is very good to wear and daily, the details are very good. The top is picked at a glance, the waistline pocket is very design, and the neckline is more stable than the love collar. The lower body was fitted with a pleated skirt according to the recommendations of the cabinet, and the matching of the skirt was also very good. It would be a different feeling in the future.

VW is also taking the route of personality brand in Japan. At the end of each year, the discounted season suit jacket shirt is really good for the old-fashioned price. As the finishing touch, the pen is also my heart. This year’s New Year’s Day, I bought a jacket, a sweater, and so on. I joined Melissa’s shoes in the past two days and sorted out the pictures slowly.

Vivienne Westwood Cafe

The store with both value and taste, on the third floor of the Harbour City Ocean Terminal, next to the Vivienne Westwood store

It has an afternoon tea set, it seems that it is not very suitable for Dad’s taste, so we just clicked a little, rest and rest, the taste of blind selection is not bad.

It is recommended to try the afternoon tea set next time. Every food has his own logo. It feels so cute.

At the same time, I recommend this bag, which is more favored recently. It comes from Danse Lente, a British niche brand. It is also very popular recently. The concave shape and the daily back are beautiful. I especially like this color combination, and there are many other colors to choose from. Oh Dansland Mini Ms. Bag Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Antique Locomotive Bag

Vivienne Westwood, known as the “female mother” of the fashion industry, was once a prominent figure in the punk movement. In the design of the West Queen Mother in recent years, there are few typical punk element bags. When I first saw this vintage Vivienne Westwood motorcycle bag, I decided it!

This bag is estimated to have been produced since the 1990s. The history is still relatively long, because the bag is originally a worn design, so it won’t feel very old. Thick cowhide + rivet design makes the whole bag very heavy, haha, the weaker sister is estimated to be exhausted after a day, because it is really heavy!

I really like its strap, you can do a shoulder bag, you can also make a pocket. Is it amazing? Haha. The inside space is still quite big, put the mobile wallet, the cosmetic bag is all right! The clothes that match the locomotive wind are handsome! A few days ago, the camouflage locomotive jacket set on the free people’s official website was coming, and it felt like a super match. After a few days, Po figure.

Although there are not many occasions for such a bag to work, but I am willing to look at it quietly every day, haha. What is more unique and more fun for people who buy vintage than to buy out of print?

London Vivienne Westwood discount

Can’t value it. The original price of £385 is now £50 and the tax is 10%. My God, the jewelry also has a discount. The second bracelet is the ring of Figure 3.

Women’s clothing address: 44 Conduit St, Mayfair, London, W1S 2YL Men’s clothing diagonally opposite the women’s road

Men’s Clothing Address: 18 Conduit St, Mayfair, London, W1S 2XN

Business hours: 10:00-18:00

(The clerk is super like it too much)