Preparing to wear Vivienne Westwood in the spring of 2020

This season, Vivienne Westwood chose not to perform the second line with all the accompaniment accompanying the Westwood show, but to let the clothes speak. It was a good phone call because they were very clear in her appointment at the Conduit Street showroom.

That’s right, Westwood’s talent (and the same high heels) represents Laura McCuaig, let us know that in the fall of 2017 and the series, in the coeducational series The number of styles has been reduced by 50% (women and 32) males. This is to emphasize that when Westwood tells us that when we buy less, she will definitely buy less (although McCuig does not know if the total number of works produced has been significantly reduced). .

The collection is a clever hodgepodge. Westwood’s main inspiration is clearly the upright theater in the Italian comics industry, as well as the Italians, but recently it was the role of Pinocchio, the puppet of Carlo Collodi. If Westwood has been in the room, then I would have expected a lengthy mention of Boris Johnson. However, as mentioned above, all night is clothes, no soap boxes.

In some way, Pinocchio led to irregular circles that appeared from time to time throughout the series, sometimes painted in hand-finished Sharpie prints with colorful deconstructed shirts, and then on digitally printed Dutch Delft porcelain and fruit. Still life covered on digital prints.

Some really interesting shirts are made from broken panel pieces, reminiscent of broken glass. The building system called “茧” saw more shirt panels, this time an organic round and narrowed at the seams, interconnected to create a hint of oversized collage, which increased the size of the cup. And strengthen the hips, and quite attracted your attention. Model. Equally interesting is the fact that the so-called drunken tartan works of both sexes use the old Scottish model, but give it the feeling of too much Scotch Whisky skew. Another unpleasant thing is the updated “profiled” trousers, whose drooping waistline is saved by the internal tight strap at the navel.

I can give you more meaning about the various sustainable properties of man-made fibers, cotton, linen, etc. These collections are as recent, and are outlined in the very detailed accompanying documentation. Just to say, although Westwood’s words may be so chaotic that it contaminates the information she is so focused on, there is no doubt that she will practice her own sermon when it comes to production.