Second-hand specialty store of Vivienne Westwood in Tokyo!

ClosedChild’s second-hand store in Vivienne Westwood

Location#Closet Child Harajuku Store

Closetchild is a chain of second-hand stores that are as reliable and rich as the other big chain in Tokyo.

Today we are going to introduce the second-hand Vivienne Westwood, located in Harajuku Takeshita, every time I go to Tokyo, I will definitely go shopping! ! !

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As everyone knows (or can know it from now on), I am a Western Queen’s brain powder! ! Unfortunately, I am too young. When I started to contact VW, it had passed the era when it was the most prosperous. Many classic models have been missed. Sad and sad!

Then I can feel that Japan should be the country that loves VW in addition to the British mainland. Nowadays, the VW counter not only has a special line in Japan, but Tokyo is also a city that has been deeply wrapped in the punk culture of the last century. Therefore, the used VW still has a certain market in Tokyo and must preserve its value. Especially for some classic models that have been discontinued, the price does not fall and the price rises.

Figure 1 – I like the watch very well, the color is very good, the packaging shell is also very delicate Saturn shape, 3W more yen, that is 300 dollars.

Figure 2 does not need to introduce it, [Maximum] the most classic and most sought-after Saturn necklace. It is not a replica of the counter, and the price is very high. The price ranges from 7W to 12W.

Figure 3 is also a variety of VW accessories, including the more famous ashtray, the price you can feel, as well as the love of lighters and so on.

In fact, the eyebrow brush in Figure 4 is actually not clear when it came out, and it is a limited cooperation. . . Then I put it out and think it is [the Middle Ages is a fleeting opportunity. It is not necessarily the case today to see it tomorrow, so I like to buy it and buy it! 】

Figure 5-8: Some items in the store, classic RH platform shoes, all kinds of VW shirts, skirts, jackets, in general: the price of the counters in these years is more cost-effective, the out-of-print classic models are very expensive.

Keep in mind that in the Middle Ages, the price must also look at the color to see the color and color!

Figure 9, is the store door. It is easy to see in the flowers and greens of Harajuku Takeshita. . . But think about it, treasure, leave us with these real brain powder to go shopping.