Vivienne westwood western queen jewelry

About 6 or 7 years ago, I entered the pit of the West Queen Mother. At the time, I saw the Saturn logo of the home in Korea’s duty-free shop for the first time. I thought it was retro and beautiful. Later, I bought a lot of ornaments from the West Queen. After returning home, Xi’an did not. Counter, online purchasing letter, but no help to abandon the pit, I did not expect that Xi’an Gaoxin Zhongda opened the counter of Vivienne Westwood, Weiweian Weisswood, has no time to go shopping, yesterday, I just rushed into the counter of the house, fell into the counter The pits of the jewelry can’t come out. Although the price is not very beautiful, but the beauty of the jewelry will do, and the girlfriend bought a pair of Saturn gold earrings, and they bought a pair of peacock blue Saturn earrings (the color is too special, love at first sight), girlfriends also bought a For Saturnian pearls with the necklace and a pair of earrings, the squad members have a 10% discount, and some clothes and bags are also 4-6 fold.

After so many years, I still love it, congratulations to myself once again into the West Queen.