Vivienne Westwood gold bag

Vivienne Westwood gold bag, also known as dumplings. I have always liked the West Queen Mother. After I came to the country, I have been paying attention to this brand. The first time I saw this bag at the CRUISE buyer’s shop, I felt that I was a bit old-fashioned and didn’t buy it. After I got home, I kept thinking about it. After I went to the store’s official website, I found that it had sold out the result. Summer sale, saleviviennewestwood. Com network has this one, but also 60% off, 70 pounds to buy, happy

Although this bag looks small, it can hold a lot of things, as shown in Figure 3. The size of the bag can be put down by XS MAX, which can be placed obliquely, but if there are many things installed, it will not fit.

I am 160, the chain is very long, I am leaning back and forth probably to the top of the thigh, so I hit a few knots, so it is pretty good to look up, after all, I am short.

The West Queen’s bags are very style, retro and punk, I personally like it very much.