Vivienne Westwood Antique Locomotive Bag

Vivienne Westwood, known as the “female mother” of the fashion industry, was once a prominent figure in the punk movement. In the design of the West Queen Mother in recent years, there are few typical punk element bags. When I first saw this vintage Vivienne Westwood motorcycle bag, I decided it!

This bag is estimated to have been produced since the 1990s. The history is still relatively long, because the bag is originally a worn design, so it won’t feel very old. Thick cowhide + rivet design makes the whole bag very heavy, haha, the weaker sister is estimated to be exhausted after a day, because it is really heavy!

I really like its strap, you can do a shoulder bag, you can also make a pocket. Is it amazing? Haha. The inside space is still quite big, put the mobile wallet, the cosmetic bag is all right! The clothes that match the locomotive wind are handsome! A few days ago, the camouflage locomotive jacket set on the free people’s official website was coming, and it felt like a super match. After a few days, Po figure.

Although there are not many occasions for such a bag to work, but I am willing to look at it quietly every day, haha. What is more unique and more fun for people who buy vintage than to buy out of print?