Andreas Crancelle Visenne Westwood

In the background preview, the model wearing the fish-shaped hat of Look 24 (Andreas Kronthaler stuffed the hat before sewing the long-stained skin of the old-fashioned herb) It looks like a sushi. She said that it was not a comfortable hat, but a crowd around us: “The problem is society: there is no respect for personal space. People always push from one side to the other while passing.”

Once released into the clear waters of the runway, she walked up the pit to the potholes, part of an eclectic collection, inspired by the images of the Albanian Freedom Fighters (Look 18’s jersey sportswear) Go to the bow. Drag into Henry’s Thames (38-inch reflex cap).

The album he plays looks a bit vague, medieval (12) or very romantic (Bella Hadid, hidden in 60). Inspired by Venus of Botticelli, the coral-colored corset has a bodice (13). From the bottom of the lad to the builder’s gloves, to the vinyl smock tops in the shape of the murder scene in human chalk, not to mention the necklace made from the crab claws from the Thai seafood restaurant, busy in Kronthaler Flying in the sky. Under the details of the foam and shackles, there is a calm pool hidden in the seductive low-key women’s clothing.