I am a fan of vivienne westwood

So go to Hong Kong and go to the 27th floor of New South Horizons.

I have been shopping in this store for several hours.

My companion is a little bit

The discount is very good

30% off bags, 40% off shoes, 50% off jewelry, HK$690

Finally, I was forcibly taken away by my companion. Otherwise, I will buy more.

I am talking about the discount on the price of the Hong Kong dollar. You still need to multiply the exchange rate of 0.815. Is it a great price?

vivienne westwood handbag
cheap vivienne westwood handbag

It is the last day of sogo celebration when we go

So Causeway Bay sogo also has vw discount counters, the price is also super low, but too many people, the style is not as good as the new Haiyi, so no buy

It is not recommended to go to the sea building vw because his home is new. You can only get 5% off when you get Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passes. But there is a coffee shop next to vw. You can go eat and pat.

If you are a vw iron powder, go to New Haiyi Plaza.

I am a direct flight from Jinan. I have been going for a total of three days. I have just arranged for a full flight. I just came over from Jinan. There are more than 1,500 special fares to and from Jinan. I live in the Mini Hotel in Causeway Bay. The location is super convenient and cheap.